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February 25th - General Body Meeting

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

January 28, 2018 | Nisha Bhatia

Life and 2017 General Members:

We will be holding a General Body Meeting at 11:30am on Sunday February 25th 2018 at the temple.

Please come get an update on our activities for the past year, our plans for the upcoming year and provide your input.

Aarti and Puja by Panditji will take place by 1:30pm. The meeting agenda is listed below:

 a. Summary of Activities and Achievements during 2017   b. An overview of the future activities for 2018            1. Major Pujas and events during 2018           2 . Current HWS status             2.1 Summary of Accounts for 2017            2.2 Membership Lists General & Life            3. Summary of activities completed:             3.1   Membership Activities             3.2   Building Maintenance and Improvement Plans            3.3   Food and Prasad Management             3.4   365 and 120 Clubs                      3.5   An overview of Major Projects Plans       c. Open for Questions and suggestions by the Membership present        d.  Aarti and Puja by Pandit Ji by 1:30 PM 

Thank you.

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