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What is Yagya


What is yagya?

The literal meaning of yagya is selfless sacrifice for noble purposes. The science of yagya is given to us by the rishes and sages of India.

Why did our rishes perform the yagya? There are two reasons.

There are two basic energy systems in this world. Heat and Sound.

While performing a yagya, these two energies, namely the heat from the fire and the sound of the mantra like the Gayatri mantra or the Maha Mritinjaya mantra, are combined and taken to the Gods in form of your prayers through the medium of Thermal Heat, Smoke and Positive Vibrations! And in turn, the Gods shower their blessings on humans in the form of physical, material, psychological and spiritual benefit !

So yagya was performed so gods would hear their devotees' prayers!

As per it's literal meaning, Yagya was also performed as a sacrifice to the Gods where great devotees like the kings and wealthy of India gave away a lot of daan to the village people as a sacrifice. The highly spiritual and service minded, sacrificed their worst habits, their ego and other negative qualities and spent their life in the service of others. keeping true to the real meaning of Yagya and that is how they appeased the Gods and other divine energies of the universe!

Yagya can be performed with all other pujas also such as SatyaNarayan puja, Punsavan sanskar, Grah Shanti puja and many more........or can be performed independently.

Please contact one of the numbers listed below to perform a yagya of your choice to receive the blessings of the divine!

Contact to book a yagya or any other puja

Gayatri Temple of Katy (281) 717-4895

Puja / yagya volunteer Coordinator  (832) 766-0505

List of items for yagya

IMPORTANT: Please have the following items arranged in a big plate or a tray BEFORE PUJARIJI ARRIVES, so it is easy for our pujariji to set up.

  1. Table around  3×2 feet for stage 

  2. Flowers for Decoration and for puja offerings

  3.  3-4 Water Bowls with spoons - plastic or steel

  4. Kumkum 

  5. Kalash 

  6. 1 (Shrifal) dry coconut with Shell  

  7. Incense sticks (Agarbatti) - 4 or 5 sticks

  8. Ghee - small jar

  9. Lamp (Deepak) - 1 main, KEPT READY with batti and ghee.

  10. -1 deepak for aarti or an arti plate -- KEPT READY,

  11.  Aluminum foil - for covering yagya kund as well as flooring below it

  12. 13 Betel nuts (supari)

  13. Kalawa (Colored thread to be tied around the wrist)

  14. Prasad - any sweet and/or fruits etc.

  15. Paper Towel

  16. 4 steel spoons

  17. Plate for keeping all puja items – 2

  18. Small Plate for Sarva-deva puja – 1

  19. Uncooked Rice - for puja colored yellow with turmeric -OPTIONAL

  20. Matchstick / Lighter - 1

  21. 7 Pooja Pan (leaf)

  22. Kapoor- small container

  23. 1 pair of scissors

  24. 1 packet dry coconut chips

  25. Wood for hawan--- please check in the Indian stores. If not available, please let us know,

  26. Havan Samagri - powder for oblations (Ahutis) 

PLEASE NOTE: We prefer using steel plates, bowls and spoons instead of plastic or foam to help save the environment. If not available, please inform us and we will be happy to bring them with us.

QUESTIONS?: Please call OR  text our puja coordinator  (832) 766-0505

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